Why is an engagement shoot a good idea?

It lets us get to know each other a little bit better, which always makes for better images!

Believe it or not, photography is so much more than pointing a camera at someone and taking a picture. Good photography is all about anticipating the moment and capturing it

Forget the cheesy poses! I work in a fun and relaxing way, a cuddle, holding hands and maybe a little kiss (or even a big one!), at the end of the day it’s meant to be fun, informal and relaxing.

It’s a good way for you to see how I work and for me to see how you relax.

A 1 hour engagement shoot – £100
We go out and about with you to a location of your choice

Packages include

  • Initial conversations with us to discuss what you want from your images.
  • A USB Flash Drive loaded with all your high-resolution, fully edited, print ready images. Totally unprotected, without watermarks or MoCo-Photography branding.
  • A blog on our website and social media sites within two weeks so that you can share your fantastic images with all your friends and family!


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